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Susan Schlank

Susan Schlank



Space Clearing / Blessing Ceremonies

"Susan helped us perform a cleansing and blessing ritual that helped to infuse our new space with a level of spirituality that... remains with us today."

Barry Gordon, Connecticut Healing Institute.

This is the perfect way to begin "anew" and move forward. Are you moving into a new home, a new period in your life or even just a new season? Many clients like to have a space clearing annually or semiannually.

Remove the energy of the past, either yours or others, in order to have a fresh start.

This is a beautiful, participatory ceremony. You will be shown how to perceive energy and clear out the "old'' in order to create room for the new. Your personal intentions will be infused into the space.

Susan has specialized in Space Clearing and Energy Perception in her teaching and practice. She has been highly successful and acclaimed in teaching others how to perceive energy. She uses techniques from many different traditions and can draw on her extensive background to bring whatever the situation warrants.



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