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Susan Schlank

Susan Schlank



Soul Coaching

"Life spins in many directions and claims our energy. Taking time to slow the "spin" to look and feel deep within is so necessary. In taking "Whispers of the Soul", I found clarity of purpose and a gentle resolve - not only to define my dreams but, to embrace the process."

R. Marie - Oakville Ct.

Are you unclear as to your purpose in life? Are you undirected, unhappy or just looking for a jumpstart or clarity for the next phase? Do you yearn for more fulfillment? Are you currently facing life challenges or the repercussions from them? You have all the answers within you. Susan, as a "Senior Soul Coach" will guide you to find those answers. She will create a safe space for you to listen to your inner messages or yearnings. You will discover your authentic self so you can realize the meaning of your life.

As Denise Linn defines the process: "It is a system that helps clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter so you can hear the secret messages of your soul. It will help you discover your true purpose so you can design a life that supports that purpose. Soul coaching goes beyond the boundaries of ordinary life coaching which focuses on attainment of goals. It is also not a type of emotional therapy. Soul Coaching is a guided inward journey to the deepest well spring of being to touch the sacred space within."

Susan will work with you; either individually or in a group. She will set up weekly face to face or phone interaction, daily communication via e-mail, and will supply you with the materials you will need for the most important journey of your life: the "inner journey". The process generally takes a month, but can be tailored for the individual it does not necessarily involve a big time commitment just a commitment to listen to your inner messages.



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