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Susan Schlank

Susan Schlank



About Susan Schlank


Susan Schlank, formerly Susan Samara Pildis, has extensive training in feng shui, speech language pathology, redesign (decorating) and the holistic health field. Her holistic training, in addition to feng shui includes: soul coaching, space clearing, and dowsing. She co-founded The New England School of Feng Shui and served as co-director, instructor and mentor to students for 5 years. This is a school that brings international teachers of holistic health to New England. The school is a leader in feng shui and environmental education.

The idea of using your environment to facilitate inner change not only made sense to Susan, but also sparked a goal: to assist others in improving the quality of their lives by improving the quality of their environment. From here, she was led to helping others design their inner environment or “soul coaching”.

Her approach to feng shui, redesign, space clearing, and soul coaching is eclectic. She uses the best that each school and teacher has to offer, while bringing in her own individual style. She integrates her training and intuition to give insightful and beneficial consultations specialized for each client's particular needs and unique style.

Susan has been featured on the televised CBS News Healthbeat Report and was featured in Prevention Magazine.

Susan Schlank

Susan has helped numerous clients create homes that nourish them and support their goals. She uses her many skills: feng shui, redesign, space clearing, dowsing, and soul coaching. She has been commissioned by the Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center in Waterbury, Connecticut and the Dept of Information and Library Science at Southern Connecticut State University to develop specialized environments for their unique and sensitive needs. She also provided Chola - #1 rated Indian Restaurant in New York City - with feng shui enhancements for their cosmopolitan clientele.

Her personal journey, which includes successfully raising four children and triumphing over large health and life challenges, makes her a perfect "soul coach". As a senior practitioner, she is able to guide her clients to recognize and find their own truth and to enhance the quality of their lives.

Susan works as a consultant and a coach.

She resides in Middletown, Connecticut.



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