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Prevention Gotta Try It:
Love Coming Home
Unclutter and De-stress Your Home with Feng Shui
Prevention, December 2002

Bogged down: I had accumulated 27 years' worth of clutter, and no matter how much I cleaned, I felt suffocated by my own house.

A new kind of designer: Feng shui (prouncef fung shway) is an ancient Chinese art that uses color and object placement to promote harmony with your surroundings. I contacted The New England School of Feng Shui to request an in-home consultation that lasted 4 hours.

No fashion sense needed: "Only keep it if you've used it within the past year or love it," advised my guide, Susan Lunah Pildis. I tossed 10-year-old magazines, broken toys, and knickknack gifts I never really liked. Randomly framed family pictures were grouped into one attractive wall arrargement, while living room couches were placed catercorncr to encourage human interaction. I hung crystals to catch the sunlight, painted bedrooms in soothing peach tones to promote calm, and bought fresh flowers and lush plants, so we could enjoy nature indoors.

Home at last: When I enter a room now, I feel completely at ease.

Try It Now
  • String purple lights on your holiday tree to promote a sense of peace and well-being.
  • Set a round dining table to encourage conversation and togetherness.
  • Burn lavender-, pear-, or sandalwood-scented candles to inspire contentment.

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