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Feng Shui
by Robin Vinci
photos by Dave Zajac
Herald Press, April 9, 2000

Mirror Your environment can effect the way you feel and react.

That is the basis of the ancient Chinese art Feng Shui, which balances and harmonizes energy in the home and work place to enhance health, wealth and happiness.

According to Susan Pildis, a Feng Shui consultant based in Cheshire, small changes to your home or work can improve your success and happiness.

"Surprisingly, if you look around the very room in which you are sitting, there will be many clues about the life you are creating for yourself," Pildis said. "From the simple act of hanging a picture to the placement of a large piece of furniture, our subconscious often plays a role in how we arrange our environment."

Feng Shui dates back thousands of years and is built around the basic tool of the art known as bagua. Bagua divides space into nine energy patterns corresponding to a chi. Chi is energy that pervades all life and exists in nine forms:

Room 1. Mountain (your self-cultivation in your relationship to the divine)

2. Water (the flow of your career)

3. Heaven (friends and travel)

4. Thunder (your extended family or mentors)

5. Lake (your children or the child within you)

6. Wind (your abundance)

7. Fire (your reputation)

8. Earth (your romantic relationships)

9. Tai Chi (pulls from areas that affect your health)

Without some elements of each or with too many of one, your environment can be negatively effected, Pildis said.

Ideas to help incorporate chi into your home include removing clutter around entryways and hallways, clearing drains and leaking faucets to release energy, and replacing burned out lights so your energy is not depleted.

According to Pildis, the tools of Feng Shui improve your relationships, increase your sense of well-being, develop creativity and openness to opportunities, improve your ability to focus, increase your productivity and enjoyment of harmony, and balance in your home and work environments.

"It began thousands of years ago with things being done in an exact way. It has developed and increased it's scope," Pildis said. "It's not just the space, it's the way people use the space."

Rocks "In the Arms of the Angels" is located at 33B North Main Street in Wallingford.A store, healing center and workshop for people seeking an alternative to traditional medicines.

Owner Barry Gordon and Lidia Gray confided in Feng Shui consultant Susan Pildis to help them create a soothing and comforting atmosphere that would attract people.


TOP LEFT: "In the Arms of the Angel" store co-owner Lidia Gray sits in a sage-colored healing room where a mirror is seen upon entering. In Feng Shui, mirrors bring prosperity and the color sage is known for its healing powers.

TOP RIGHT: The living room atmosphere of this classroom, complete with an aura of the healing color purple, provides for a cozy surrounding for conducting Yoga, CPR and Past Life Regression workshops. LEFT: In Feng Shui, water flowing brings prosperity, which is one reason this fountain is located at the front entrance of the store.

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