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Bringing Positive Changes Into Work, Home with Feng Shui Method
by Priscilla Searies
Cheshire Herald, December 2, 1999

Cheshire - How To Bring Positive Changes Into Your Home & Work Environments is the subject of a lecture to be given by Feng Shui Consultant Susan Pildis on Thursday, December 2 at 7 p.m. at the Cheshire Public Library. Based on principles from design, ecology, architecture, mysticism and common sense, the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui is a system of balance and placement of environmental elements. Its goal is to create a more open and peaceful atmosphere in home and work environments and promote physical and spiritual well being. It works with any style of decor, from colonial to contemporary, and with any type of work environment. Both large and small businesses have benefited. "After using the tools of Feng Shui in our home my family now enjoys a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere," said Brenda Votto, a Cheshire mother of three teenagers. "I'm able to focus more readily and my productivity level has increased," said Georgette Wood, marketing consultant in Branford, after she rearranged her work space applying Feng Shui principles. Small business owner Peter Azotti says that he, like most small business owners, had put a lot of time and energy trying different ways to grow his business. "Feng Shui is what worked for me. Since Susan worked with my business, the phone doesn't stop ringing and clients keep coming back. My income doubled." Cheshire's Tattzza Coffee Roaster owner Ann Marie Bazzano says, "There's a lightness to our place now. We made some omissions, additions and adjustments using the art. It's a relaxed, fun place again!" And Chiropractic Rehabilitation of Cheshire reports that its patients are enjoying a more positive, healing atmosphere since Pildis' Feng Shui adjustments and business increased by one third.

Pildis, a graduate of the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design's Feng Shui Program, will present actual cases of Feng Shui transformations and encourages participants to bring questions.

The talk is free and open to the public.

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