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Promoting Positive Energy in the Workplace
by Priscilla Searies
Business New Haven, September 1999

If you find it difficult to focus or concentrate in your work space, or simply don't think your work environment is helping you attain your goals, feng shui might be for you. Quite popular on the West Coast, this ancient art is just beginning to take off in Connecticut.

Susan Pildis, a feng shui consultant from Cheshire, explains, "It's the ancient art of balance and placement of environmental elements that can bring positive changes into your home and work space", she says. It involves "energy or working with energy for a more positive environment.

Having evolved in Asia over a period of centuries, Pildis' approach to feng shui is based on principles of design, ecology, architecture and mysticism. The goal is to create a more open and peaceful atmosphere and promote physical and spiritual well-being.

In more practical terms for the businessperson, it is supposed to promote finance, health and prosperity, help with relations among employees, improve morale, even help to create a new vision for a business.

Pildis, whose clients include restaurants, doctors offices, retail stores, home-based businesses and major corporations, works with the placement of objects and furniture, colors and general design. A graduate of the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design's feng shui program, she holds a bachelors' degree in education, a master's in speech/language pathology and is a yoga instructor to boot.

"I wanted to change fields," said Pildis, "and it happened quite naturally. I was going to go into interior decorating, but when I learned about feng shui the connection was instant.

"I've always been spiritual, but you have to be taught to feel the energy, or chi, and know what to do with it. You must have your own spiritual practices that help you be in tune with energy. There are particular formulas to learn and being perceptive helps a great deal. "The energy and perception of our environment affects what happens to us and the outcome of our lives, Pildis asserts. "More recent scientific studies out o Stanford University in physics are demonstrating the reality of energy in our environment and that we can change that energy to affect us in a positive way."

According to Pildis, many businesses have a particular area in which they seek i mprovement, while others are simply looking for ways to set up new spaced. The typical small-business owner likely knows little about feng shui, but may have heard enough to want to ask more questions and investigate the possibilities. Major corporations, she says, are looking for the same things, especially improved employee morale, but on a larger scale.

Pildis illustrates her point with numerous letters from satisfied customers who report good results. These include more customers for an Orange hairdresser, a more positive healing atmosphere in the case of a chiropractic rehabilitation center - or simply a more open and peaceful atmosphere.

Clients take an active part n the process, including setting specific goals and objectives. And there will always be those who think feng shui is just a passing fad. But considering the Chinese have been using it for 5000 years, there may just be something to this distinctive way of enhancing your well-being -- and perhaps improving your business.

Ba Gua

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