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Arthritis Today

Feng Shui 101 Feng Shui 101
by Stacy Baker
Arthritis Today, March-April, 2002

If you sleep well in blue-painted rooms, become energetic in yellow ones or just don't feel right in certain areas of your home, you're experiencing what the Asian culture has been talking about for 2,000 years. Feng Shui, the Asian art of object placement and color, promotes working with your surroundings to bring harmony into your environment.

"Feng Shui addresses specific areas of the body because each area is related to different areas of your home, with the center of the home related to overall balance, health included," says Susan Pildis, co-director of The New England School of Feng Shui in Chesire, Conn., who specializes in helping people with health issues.

Pildis emphasizes that Feng Shui is best used simultaneously with other traditional and alternative treatments.

Here are some ways to incorporate Feng Shui into your life to help ease health-related problems.

Problem: Sleeplessness
Traditional remedy: Medication, new mattress
Feng Shui: Add greens, blues and neutral colors in bedroom; face bed to the door; have stability behind you like a headboard; close bathroom door; avoid too many mirrors in bedroom; display calming pictures.

Problem: Pain
Traditional remedy: Medication, heat! cold therapy
Feng Shui: Add cheerful colors such as yellow; add upward-growing plants and happy pictures of yourself; avoid sharp angles pointing at you.

Problem: Low energy
Traditional remedy: Sleep, exercise, vitamins, healthy diet
Feng Shui: Add bright colors to the room (red, yellow or orange); remove droopy plants; add flowers and thriving plants; add vibrant pictures.

Problem: Stress
Traditional remedy: Medication, massage
Feng Shui: Reduce the number of mirrors; do not block entrances; avoid irritants such as doors that collide or don't open fully, or drippy faucets; avoid pure white walls -- they're considered stressful.

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